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Camp Bay Beach – Roatan Island

Camp Bay beach is located on the Eastern End of the island of Roatan.  Most tourism is concentrated on the Western tip of the island.  Locals and ex-pat frequently escape to Camp Bay Beach to recharge and relax on the gorgeous untouched white sand beach, swim in the clear aqua water that this area has to offer.

Perfect for a nature lover and a tropical Island enthusiast



Here nature exists in harmony with the surroundings. The uncombed and beautiful beach seems naturally pristine joined by palm forests, ferns, and other tropical flora that makes up this part of the island. While the wind is stronger here it is perfect for windsurfing or kitesurfing should you desire. The surrounding area is known to be the most beautiful, pristine, and calming area of Roatan.


No crowds, a place to unwind in a relaxing pristine quiet jungle-type Oasis.




When hungry a quaint dockside restaurant is located nearby called Las Sirenas it is known for offering fresh seafood and delicious rum punches.


While the roads are bumpy and unpaved they contribute to the ambiance and charm of this community.





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