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Roatan Applications​ Office – Roatan Island

Meet Mandy Mann owner and CEO of Roatan Applications Office.

Located in Minnie Plaza on the right-hand side of the Main Rd driving into downtown Coxen Hole.

Mandy was born and raised on the island of Roatan. Playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean was a pastime she remembers fondly.

As a child, she enjoyed everything that island life had to offer. Mostly the simple island-style life was dear to her heart.

Mandy attended primary school at the Church of God Bilingual School until 1998. She continued her education and received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2001. In 2003 she started her first job as Operations Agent at TACA airlines, known today as Avianca.

Mandy’s experience in immigration, airport assistance, hotel hospitality, hotel management, and reception has to lead her to open her own business called Roatan Applications Office.

Her main priority with Roatan Applications Office is to assist the public with a smooth transition from applying for and receiving the documents in a timely manner. Mandy believes in working with dedicated and trusted professionals and it has paid off. RAO has now become one of the most trusted offices for all your application processing needs on the island.

RAO can help with your Passport pickup or Passport renewals. They handle your Visa forms, license plate renewal or replacement, RTN cards, invoice booklets and of course authorization for minors to leave the country. You can also consult with ROA on Whatsapp!

Please choose RAO for all your office needs!

Roatan Applications Office – right hand side of Main Rd driving to downtown Coxen Hole

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