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Selling Property on Roatan

Why list your property with Lux Roatan RE? Here are 8 of the reasons:


Our company has redefined the business of real estate on the islands. Setting our standards high and challenging many unaware unethical practices happening as a standard.  


As a prospective client, with an honest, straightforward and clear conversation, you become and are a welcomed member of our team. With the same goal in mind. You are included in real time any and all  conversations regarding market successes, prospective changes and any challenges we face.  We watch global marketing trends and interests.


We actively market your property and continuously reevaluate our strategies.  Choosing to list your property with us is the right decision.  While some companies have a history of being ‘listing warehouses” our intention is to do what we are hired for. “To find the buyer” for your property. 


We pride ourselves on our  global reach  and collaborate with other agencies around the world, and the Caribbean. 



Other islands, say Turks and Caicos take an average of 18 months to sell a perfect property so if your property does not selling 3 months. You will NOT receive a call asking for a price reduction.


The members of our team have a fresh approach to collaboration. Each of our agents is also a Realtor®, a Members of the National Association of Realtors® in the USA (NAR).  The right to use the term Realtor® to describe us means we follow the Code of Ethics that NAR was founded on in 1910.


We are a small company set up on the founding principles to support the island and its inhabitant. On the island, there is no such thing as a full-time job in real estate therefore our island licensed Realtors®  also owns companies in tourism specifically Weddings Roatan  and Captain Action Charters, which assist in the cross-selling to match the right property to the right client.


We are a company you can trust: 

We invest in active marketing,  finding the right buyer when you hire us.

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