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A  Tropical Investment Opportunity that Checks Your Boxes

If your thoughts are turning this Autumn to a tropical investment opportunity, your checklist likely includes some of these items:

 It’s in a pristine, beautiful, beachside location;

 It’s in a gated community with 24-hour security;

 All utilities are in: electricity, water, sewage, fiber-optic internet;

  Palmetto Roatan Rentals, a company that manages your investment while you are away;

 Quality homes are available at a variety of price points;

 Raw land is available if you want to build your own dream home;

 Some solar powered homes are available;

 There is an on-site restaurant, bar and Sea Divers Dive Center

 The area has character and charm, unlike a “cookie cutter’ neighborhood.

If you’re recognizing your items on this list, then you have just found the right place! 

Let’s talk Palmetto Bay

In this community, you will find a variety of homes at  a variety of prices.  But they all surround in a semi-circle the beautiful bay and its white sand beach.  Some of the owners reside here full time, and some of the rest will tell you about their “five-year plans.”  The grounds have large greenspace areas (a Beach Reserve, a Tropical Forest Reserve, and a Bird Sanctuary) to create a feeling of yesterday with wild native animals eating flowers, crabs scurrying in the sand and wild birds frolicking. 

By the beach you will find a core village of Balinese-themed bungalows, and then larger homes along the beach.  In the hillsides surrounding the village are a variety of larger homes,many with magnificent ocean views.

The New Road

With a brand new road now open, Palmetto Bay is a dream to get to.  When we moved here in 2003, every day we experienced a quant and gorgeous but quite bouncy drive into our community.  A friend dubbed us the “Palmetto Bay Rough Riders”! 

It is now a short drive to go dining at Ibargari in West bay or Romeo’s in French Harbour.  A trip to the airport or grocery shopping is 15 minutes.  The attractions in West End are 20 minutes away


Palmetto Bay History

Palmetto Bay is the brainchild of a number of individuals, including the famed architectural firm of Fentress, Bradburn Architects, who shared the vision of an environment where nature and people would co-exist harmoniously. Although a planned community, the intention behind the goal was to be sensitive to the lush tropical landscape without compromising a refined, relaxing lifestyle. 

Naturally, the landscape enhancements were all meticulously planned and executed. Phase 1 incorporated the “clubhouse” building which includes a bar, restaurant, dive shop, pool area, reception, and offices. 

Near the clubhouse are twenty bungalow-style beach villas whose designs show influences of traditional Balinese, Central American and Caribbean styles. Built by skilled local craftsmen with high-quality timbers, including renowned Honduran hardwoods, these bungalows were designed to be site and climate-specific.  

They have a range of floorplans but share a common open plan living design aimed at capturing the gentle trade winds that roll in from the bay.

The architects successfully achieved a sustainable, low impact set of buildings that are both unique and reminiscent of styles and structures in other parts of the world. 

Architectural and design buffs recognize design elements that can be seen in some of the most acclaimed purpose-built structures in the world. 

Compare the clubhouse building with the famous Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka, Arkansas.
Now compare it to the famous Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA.

The Fentress/ Bradburn team designed for the Clubhouse for the tropics (at sea level) to cope with constant year-round sunshine. While the other Famed Thorcrown designed for the Ozark mountains (1200 feet above sea level)  coping with winter snow and hot summers. Bradburn and Fentress and their team stated: “we wanted to be able to go out in a sailboat and look back to the resort and only be able to see the tropical jungle with no visible structures

Our hidden paradise of yesteryear 

In the Seaside Community of Palmetto Bay we have held that value with hidden structures from the sea. While development is happening all around us we have our hidden paradise of yesteryear with over 60 acres of reserved lands avoiding overdevelopment.

Stayed tuned for more information on the market properties you will want to know about!

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