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Warfighters Scuba Roatan- No Vet left​ Behind

warfighters scuba roatan

Warfighters Scuba Roatan is located on one of the Bay Islands 40 miles off the Northern coast of Honduras on the beautiful and lush tropical island of Roatan.

Calm Warm Caribbean Waters – Ease of Learning

The waters around the islands are in a protected marine park located on the second largest barrier reef in the world. The reef provides a barrier to the rough seas for perfect conditions for learning and training.

Mission statement

The mission of Warfighter Scuba Roatan is: Educate – Certify – Heal – Support. Through the healing, nurturing waters of Roatan, and by customized education and training they are providing war heroes a positive and healing way to release the memories of war. Their motto is No one is forgotten, no one left behind. At the end of training, you will earn your scuba diving certification and have new neural pathways to new memories to replace the old ones.

Custom ISO regulated Scuba Certification Speciality

WFS offers a customized and catered to course and Scuba Diving Certification for Veterans of Nato countries who have been impacted by PTSD or amputation from combat. Sign up here to become a warfighter-diver.

Services include:

The program is a certified program by International Standardized Organization (ISO) and is a regulated Scuba Certification specifically designed for veterans that experienced combat wounds. The certifciation is recognized around the world for recreational scuba.

Included in your package

  • Lodging
  • Meals -snack
  • 100% funded trip
  • Round trip tickets
  • Fun and a stress week!

*Note: Medical staff is on-site at all training and dives to maintain a safe training environment for the veterans.  A recompression chamber is a 15-minute boat ride away from the dive training area with trained medical staff in all Dive incidents.  Medevac available for medical care that requires transport to US for treatment.

Warfighters Scuba is located on one of the Bay Islands 40 miles off the Northern coast of #Honduras on the beautiful and lush tropical island of #Roatan.

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